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    Parenting Skills Training

    Are you living the family life you dreamed of when you were expecting your first child? Is the communication in your family loving, warm, and respectful? Do your children display defiant, argumentative or angry behaviors?

    Often, parents struggle to maintain balance in their families with so many outside obligations such as work, school, sports, and appointments. You lose sight of expectations and boundaries as you rush through each week. Children are spending more time on screens than in face -to-face interactions with family. Before you know it, family time is stressful, not fun, and you feel your family is out of control.

    If this sounds familiar, Parenting Skills Training may be the answer.

    Common reasons:

    • Divorce and/or blended families
    • Parent-child conflict
    • Oppositional behaviors in children
    • Problems between siblings
    • Domestic violence
    • The unexpected or traumatic loss of a family member
    • Distance within relationships with teens or young adult children

    Some positive outcomes are:

    • Strategies to develop and maintain boundaries
    • Cohesion and communication among family members
    • Problem-solving through an understanding of family patterns and dynamics
    • Build empathy and understanding.
    • Reduce family conflict
    • Education on typical and expected behaviors for stages of child and adolescent growth and development

    If you’re interested in learning about how I can help you and your family build stronger relationships together, contact me today for a free consultation.